We are excited to announce that we will be returning to the Chapel Hill Community Center (CHCC) this spring. We will be holding practice in March, April and May. 

Instead of our traditional monthly enrollment, families will enroll their swimmer(s) for individual practice days (drop-in practices) or an 8-week session.

Sessions and Flex Practices:

  • Each swimmer will attend practice at their scheduled day/time. 
  • Each swimmer will have a certain number of Flex Practices per session.
  • Flex Practices allow the swimmer to attend practice on a different day/time in case of student illness or pool closure.
  • Swimmers may not exceed the total number of allotted practices per session.

We will be offering Grey, White and Blue groups at this location.  

We are not requiring swimmers to be evaluated for group placement due to the shortage of available pool space.

Please read our Group Descriptions carefully and remember that your swimmer(s) may have regressed if it has been a while since they were last in the water. If your swimmer is not able to meet the group requirements on the first day, we will switch them to the appropriate group if space is available. If there is no space, then enrollments for future practices/session will be cancelled and no refund will be given.  

Classes Set up as a Session Swim Once a Week for 8 Weeks. Sign up for Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday.

Session Dates:

Monday Session:
  • March 20 - Monday, May 8
  • 5:00-5:55pm      Grey/White
  • 6:05-7:00pm      White/Blue
Tuesday Session:
  • March 21 - Tuesday, May 9
  • 5:00-5:55pm      White/Blue
  • 6:05-7:00pm      Grey/White
Wednesday Session:
  • March 22 - Wednesday, May 10
  • 5:00-5:55pm      Grey/White
  • 6:05-7:00pm      White/Blue

Fee: $120 per session

How to Enroll?  Scroll Down
Drop in for Individual Class Dates

Tuesday, March 14: 
  • 5:00-5:55pm - Grey/White
  • 6:05-7:00pm - White/Blue
Mondays and Wednesday from March 20-May 10:
  • 5:00-5:55pm - Grey/White
  • 6:05-7:00pm - White/Blue
Tuesdays from March 21 to May 9:
  • 5:00-5:55pm - White/Blue
  • 6:05-7:00pm - Grey/White
Fee: $15 per class

How to Enroll?  Scroll Down

Please read our swim team policies before enrolling.

Action 1:  Create an account (register) your family and each swimmer

  • The person creating the account must be a legal guardian of the swimmer(s) registered
  • Credit card information is entered during the registration process
  • Although the annual fees automatically show up on the account, these fees will not be invoiced until you are enrolled and invoiced for swim team practice, at which time annual fees are non-refundable

Action 2:  Enroll in the first practice date/time

  1. Read the section on Swim Team Groups and choose the appropriate group for the swimmer
  2. Click the "Enroll" link for the appropriate class in the box below. If the class is full, click the Waitlist link to be added to the waitlist instead.
  3. Click the "Already a Customer? Click here to Login" link and login to the BDA Portal
  4. New and Returning customers may see a "Policy Agreement Required" popup for agreeing to appropriate policies
  5. From the Class Details page, click the "Add to Cart" button
  6. Click the checkbox for each swimmer enrolling in that practice
  7. Click "Add" again
  8. Click "Checkout Now" (for only one practice) and continue to step 9 OR continue to Action 3 to add more practices while in the portal
  9. Click "Accept Enrollment Fees and Continue"
  10. You will get an "Enrolled" confirmation pop-up
  11. If you are a returning customer, please make sure all your portal information is up to date - including credit card information

If a class if full, please add your name to the WL as we are in the process of hiring more coaches so we can add additional slots. 

Drop-in Practices Grey/White:  

Drop-in Practices White/Blue:

Session Practices:  Sessions are underway - please select drop-in classes

Action 3:  To enroll in more practices while in the portal:

  1. Click "Continue Shopping"
  2. Slide all the sliders to the right for "All Locations, All Ages and Waitlist" in order to see available and waitlisted choices
  3. To display only Grey/White or White/Blue classes listed by date:
    • under Sort By, select Ascending by start date
    • under Filter by, select "Level" then Team Grey/White or Team White/Blue, click on the white space on the line, and then Click "Add Filter"
  4. Click on the practice to get the Class Detail page
  5. If the correct practice is listed, click "Add to Cart"
  6. Check the box beside the student(s) to enroll and click "Add"
  7. Click either "Continue Shopping" to add more practices or "Checkout Now"
  8. Review the enrollment information and, if correct, click "Accept Enrollment Fees and Continue"
  9. You will get an "Enrolled" confirmation pop-up
  10. If you are a returning customer, please make sure all your portal information is up to date - including credit card information

Please allow BDA up to 72 hours to send the practice schedule and/or invoice after your enrollment.

BDA will charge your credit card according to the BDA Payment Policy.