General Swim Team Policies

  • Swimmers must complete an evaluation for group placement before enrolling.
  • Swimmers need to bring goggles, a water bottle, and flippers to practice.
  • Swimmers with long hair should wear a swim cap or a ponytail/braid/etc. to pull their hair away from their face for practice.
  • Upon arriving at the facility, please check in and notify pool staff you are there for swim team practice with Blue Dolphins Aquatics.
  • Please be on the pool deck and ready to swim 10 minutes before practice starts.
  • For indoor locations, your BDA fee only covers the time the swimmer is in the water for practice.
  • All facility rules, lifeguards, and staff must be obeyed by all swimmers and visitors while at the facility.
  • Swimmers should not communicate with any BDA coach or staff member via email, text or social media.
  • Any violations of the Swimmer Expectations Policy below could result in BDA's right to refuse services.
  • BDA reserves the right to refuse services at any time, at our discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, non-payment by clients and physical, verbal or other abuse by swimmers or parents toward BDA staff, facility staff, or other students.

BDA Swimmer Expectations

Be kind, compassionate and respectful to everyone at the pool with your words and actions. This includes coaches, lifeguards, fellow swimmers and parents. 

  1. Respect others by listening when they speak.
  2. Respect others by using kind words.
  3. Respect what others think; you don't have to agree, but you need to be kind.
  4. Respect others by how you use your hands, feet, and equipment.
  5. Respect others by stopping when they ask.
  6. Respect the facility by being careful with equipment. This includes keeping the water in the pool.
  7. Respect the coaches by paying attention to your own swimming.
  8. Respect yourself by keeping up with your own equipment.
  9. Respect everyone by treating them the way you want to be treated.
  10. Respect everyone by working together. We accomplish more as a team!

Payment Policies:

BDA accepts payment by Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

BDA requires a non-refundable ANNUAL insurance/registration fee of $25 per student. The annual fee automatically posts to the account upon registration but will not be invoiced or charged until BDA services are scheduled.

Additional payment policies, including invoicing and cancellation policies, for the Campus Hills practices can be found HERE.

Declined Payment:

  • If your card payment is declined, BDA will contact you immediately. 
  • BDA will send a new invoice for the outstanding fees plus a $5 administrative fee since BDA incurs the processing fee and tracking time when the card declines, regardless of the reason (ie. the card was compromised, lost, expired, etc.)
  • You have two (2) days to update your credit card information via the BDA Portal.  BDA will initiate a credit card charge immediately when the information is updated.
  • If the information is not updated and/or payment cannot be processed, all BDA services will be suspended and all lesson slots will be available to other customers

Refunds and Disputed Charges:

BDA swim team cancellation policies apply, and credit card payments will be process according to the policies.

BDA will refund a credit balance on the account upon request if there is a credit balance with no outstanding fees on the account. Refunds will be credited back to your credit card. If the credit card used for payment is no longer valid, the refund will be issued by check to the address listed on the BDA portal.

If there is an issue with a credit card charge, please contact BDA before initiating a dispute with your credit card holder so both parties understand the disagreement. Once a dispute is filed, BDA is unable to issue a refund to your credit card. If a dispute is filed and BDA subsequently proves that the dispute was not our responsibility, BDA will add all chargeback fees to the client account and process the charge immediately. In addition, if the client does not cancel a disputed charge that was the client's responsibility and the money is taken from the BDA account, BDA will delete the payment from the client account and process the charge for that amount plus the chargeback fees immediately.

Removing a Credit Card from your Account:

If you are no longer using BDA services and do not want BDA to have your credit card information on file, please submit the request to delete the card information to  If there are no outstanding fees on your account, BDA will delete the information. If you request BDA services in the future, you will need to enter credit card information before any services are scheduled. 

Updated 10/2/2022