Our main BDA Swim Team program runs from Sept to May with practice at Homestead Aquatic Center, Chapel Hill Community Center, Campus Hills and Edison Johnson Aquatic Center.

Currently, the main BDA swim team is not operating. We hope to return this program in the fall.

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Our mission is to provide an inclusive, unique and inspiring aquatic program for members of the community. We believe in running a swim team program that is based on the fundamentals of swimming with an emphasis on creating a positive learning environment through a fun and safe atmosphere. Our four core values for swim team practice are technique work, speed/endurance work, character development and having fun.

BDA swimmers often do not fit the "normal" year-round swim team model because they:
  • Are new to competitive swimming or transitioning from summer swim league 
  • Often choose to swim less than 3 times per week (though more is available)
  • Participate in other activities, but don't want to give up swimming
  • Primarily enjoy swimming for physical education, fun or exercise
  • May need special considerations at practice beyond what other programs may offer
  • Prefer to swim some of the year without the obligation to pay for the whole year

How Our Traditional (September through May) Swim Team Program Works:
  • Open to swimmers ages 5-18
  • Swimmers must complete an evaluation for group placement before enrolling
  • Families choose which months to swim - you do not have to commit to an entire year 
  • Families choose the number of practices per month they want to attend
  • Families are billed monthly