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Making a Difference, One Swimmer at a Time

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We understand aquatics 
In our 20-year history we have had a hand in nearly every aspect of aquatics from swim lessons to swim team, from lifeguarding to pool management.

We bring excellence
From the staff we hire to the services we provide; we aim for a standard of excellence that raises the bar for aquatics. We are not here just to get a job done; we are here to get the job done well.

We are in your community
Our desire is to support and equip local communities to enjoy fun and success in and around the water. Blue Dolphins Aquatics uses space at community and neighborhood pools where we can be accessible to the people we love in the places we live.

We teach to the individual 
We believe that the quickest and most effective way to learn to swim is through personalized attention. Instructors and coaches are trained to discover each student's personality, needs, and goals and to adapt their teaching to best suit each individual student. This modality also means Blue Dolphins instructors are uniquely equipped to work with neurodiverse students and those with negative pool associations.

We have fun
We equip and enable staff with many different methods to achieve skill goals. We believe that the best way to learn and retain new skills is by having FUN while doing it! That means you may see our instructors and coaches acting like a student's favorite character, bringing out novel toys, or coming up with creative challenges to help move the student toward their goals.

We love families
We believe that family comes first, and we do what we can to help each family achieve their swimming goals. One of the primary ways we do this is through our Family Lesson option where students from the same nuclear family can swim together or in back-to-back lessons. Our swim team is also structured to offer flexible schedule and pricing options to support the needs of families.

We offer a personalized lesson schedule 
We work hard to find times and day/s that work for the pools where we swim, the instructors we hire, and the customers we serve. Our desire is to create a lesson schedule that works best for your family routine!

In the past 10 years...

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