Coach Maya

"I swam on BDA when I was a kid so it is a wonderful opportunity to be able to coach for them now. The BDA community is wonderful and unlike any swim team I've been on before. It is truly beautiful inside and out, from both the teammate and coach perspective. Now I get to be part of the community that helped me thrive. I love BDA!"

Coach Annabelle

"I loved working for Blue Dolphins! I worked as both a lifeguard and a swim coach! I had a truly great experience with both! Coaching was really fun and I felt like I learned a lot about coaching! Everyone I worked with was super nice and it was an amazing experience!"

Coach Kaia

"I enjoy working for BDA because the owner is so nice and so fun to work with and because I am able to get a lot of freedom and support to conduct lessons in the way that I am most comfortable with. As someone who has a lot of experience with teaching lessons, I enjoy being able to use my own expertise while still having the support of working for a company/organization."

Coach Jay

" I love working with BDA! I work as a guard and instructor. It was awesome to teach at a company that’s foundations are built around child development."

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