About BDA Swim Lessons

About Our Lessons:

Our mission is to provide an inclusive, unique and inspiring aquatic program for members of the community. BDA offers instruction from infant to adult and from beginner to advanced skills, including students with disabilities. Our program focuses on a student-centered philosophy with an emphasis on creating positive learning associations in a fun and safe atmosphere. We use age-appropriate teaching techniques and a gentle approach to teaching water safety and lifelong swimming skills.

How BDA Lessons Work:

  • BDA schedules lessons based on student, instructor and pool availability.  
  • Along with the natural teaching progressions of skills, BDA tailors the lesson(s) to teach student's level and/or particular swimming goals. 
  • BDA works to match the needs of the student(s) with the best-suited instructor.  Your instructor is your instructor for the series of lessons scheduled. If/when there is a need for a substitute instructor, BDA will do our best to provide an instructor with a similar teaching style and, when possible, have your instructor communicate pertinent information with the substitute.
  • BDA schedules as many or as few lessons as wanted - whether that is one lesson or weekly lessons for four months
  • BDA does not own the pools where we teach.  Because we are guests at these pools, the time frames we are given to offer lessons are sometimes restricted.
  • Since our lessons are tailor-made to your schedule and needs, we do not have a list of preset lessons to select from.  Instead, you will put in a request for lessons and then we work together to schedule a day/time for those lessons.

General BDA Lesson Policies:

  • Upon arriving at the facility, please check in with the pool staff and notify them your lesson is with Blue Dolphins Aquatics.
  • For youth swimmers, please remain with the student until they are in the water with the instructor - do not send students into the facility unaccompanied.
  • Students not potty trained must wear a swim diaper in the water.
  • Please be ready on the pool deck 5 minutes before your lesson start time.
  • All facility rules, lifeguards, and staff must be obeyed by all swimmers and visitors while at the facility.
  • For non-membership/neighborhood pools, your BDA fees only cover the time the STUDENT is in the water for the lesson.  
  • BDA reserves the right to refuse services at any time, at our discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, non-payment by client and physical, verbal or other abuse by students or parents toward BDA staff or other students.

COVID Modifications for Lessons - Fall 2022:

We are teaching all lessons with the instructor in the water with the student. Instructors will wear a face shield if it is their preference, or a customer requests them to do so. 

Updated 5/16/2022

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