Request Swim Lessons

BDA lessons are tailor-made to your schedule and needs.

BDA does not have a list of available lessons on the website. Instead, you will put in a request for lessons and then we work together to schedule a day/time for those lessons.

BEFORE requesting lessons, please confirm that we are operating at your desired location and read all of our swim lesson information.

Spring Lesson Requests

Contact us to be added to the interest list
Lesson requests are currently by invitation only

To Request Private, Family or Semi-Private Lessons:

Complete all THREE action items to request lessons
Action 3 is the necessary lesson request form

Action 1:  Create an account (account creation currently disabled) your family and each swimmer 

  • The person creating the account must be a legal guardian of the student(s) registered or an adult student
  • Credit card information is entered during the registration process
  • Although the annual fees automatically show up on the account, these fees will not be invoiced until lessons are scheduled, at which time annual fees are non-refundable
  • Semi-private lessons are for two students not in the same family.  Therefore, we require a registration for both families. 

Action 2:  Select a lesson type policy agreement by following the directions below: 

** By "selecting" you are telling us your desired pool location, lesson type and agreeing to appropriate policies.  You still need to fill out a request form for lessons once you have agreed to BDA policies for the lesson type.

  1. After signing the policy agreement, continue to Action 3 (below) to fill out the lesson request form
  2. Click the Agree link below for the appropriate pool/lesson type combination 
  3. Click the "Already a Customer? Click here to Login" link and login to the BDA Portal
  4. Returning customers will see a "Policy Agreement Required" popup if BDA has updated policies that need to be agreed to again
  5. From the Class Details page, click the "Add to Cart" button
  6. Click the checkbox for each swimmer listed
  7. Read and agree to the Swim Lesson policies
  8. Click "Add" again
  9. Click "Checkout Now" 
  10. Click "Accept Enrollment Fees and Continue"
    No fees are posted to your account, you are only signing policy agreements
  11. You will get an "Enrolled" confirmation pop-up
  12. If you are a returning customer, please make sure all your portal information is up to date - including credit card information
  13. CONTINUE to Action 3 to fill out the Lesson Request Form

Action 3:  Complete the Lesson Request Form & Respond to the Options

  • Login to the BDA Portal and find the My Schedule section (click the Classes Link). Scroll down to find the Private/Family or Semi-Private Class box. Near the bottom of the class box, find and click the link to REQUEST lessons.
  • On the Request Form, enter the lesson preference information (times, dates, swimmer information). You may put all family members on the same form. 
  • Using the information on the submitted form, BDA will email a list of available lessons options. If you don't receive an email within 3 business days, please check your spam folder. 
  • Respond with your choices from the list and BDA will set up the lesson(s). 

Please allow BDA up to 3 business days to send the schedule and/or invoice after the lesson schedule has been set.

BDA will charge your credit card according to the BDA Payment Policy.

Last Updated 5/5/23

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